Why list your business?

Because we can help customers find your business simply and cost effectively.

We give your business a free profile which lists what you do, where you do it and how to get in touch with you.

When you’ve got a special offer or some space in your diary, you can boost the visibility of your profile by posting a status update. These cost £3, last for up to 12 hours and boost your profile to the top of the rankings for your trade in your area.

Graftr in just a few words...

We help customers and businesses find each other - here are a few examples:

Testimonials from businesses like yours...

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    We get most of our leads through word of mouth, but Graftr is a 'no brainer' for us - it's the best of both worlds. Easy to use, Free advertising all the time - and the option to pay to get more leads if we need them.

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    James Cracknell, U.K. Electrical and Building Service

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    I love how you can reach your clients with the status update - all tradespeople have quiet periods and cancellations to fill - Graftr helps us with that.

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    Anderson Transport

Saving you money

Most classifieds websites charge you a fortune regardless of whether they bring you any business.

Graftr gives you a profile for free.

If you have a last minute deal, some stock you need to sell, or some time you’d like to fill - you can tell the world about it with a Graftr status update. These cost £3 and can be live for upto 12 hours - so you only pay when you need extra work or you’d like to tell the world about a special offer!

What do I do now?

If you’re convinced, sign up on this page - it takes 2 minutes. If you’re not - next time you get a last minute cancellation or you’re throwing away stock that’s gone bad - remember that Graftr can help you out.