Why list your business?

We want to help you tell your community about your business, win more work, fill periods of availability and to have a fulfilling career after your service.

Why is Graftr focussing on ex-service personnel?

Two of our Directors were in the Royal Green Jackets. And we think that there is a mismatch in the market.

For one, we know that many ex- service personnel struggle to adapt to civilian life, but that the skillsets that veterans have to offer are amongst the most prized in the job market – team work, timekeeping, trustworthiness, integrity.

And from householders, we also know that finding trustworthy tradespeople is increasingly challenging – everyone has stories of cowboy tradespeople who do a shoddy job and leave it for someone else to clear up.

There must be a way to connect householders who are frustrated with poor quality tradespeople with veterans who are looking to show a different standard of workmanship. That’s why this website exists.

How much does it cost?

We want to keep the cost of access as low as possible. For £5 per month, you can list your business and include links to your own website, your telephone number, client testimonials etc. It’s free for the public to search to find your profile.

If you have any periods of availability – last minute cancellations for example, you can also pay to ‘boost’ your profile for upto 24 hours at a time. This costs £3 for the whole period. This will move your profile to the top of the search rankings in your category and location.

What do you do now?

If you would like to sign up – just click the fill your name and email in the form and set a password. Then you’ll be able to fill in details about your business to setup your profile. That’s it!