Frequently Asked Questions


Why advertise on Graftr?

Graftr is the world’s first real time classified service. If your business were a London cab, think of us as the “for hire” light above your head. Most advertising is just about telling the world that you’re there. Graftr tells the world when you’re available. “Turn your taxi light on!”

Now you don’t have to waste money advertising for work when you’ve got more than enough already. Just advertise when you’ve got spare time and would like more work.

Your ads are fully SEO optimised and promoted across 3rd party networks such as Google, Facebook and Twitter. We are the only digital marketing solution you need.

Who can advertise on Graftr?

Anyone and anything can advertise on Graftr. You may be a tradesman, and freelancer, a boutique service or a volunteer. Either way you can use Graftr to tell everyone you’re free. You can also advertise time limited stock or happy hours. You may be a florist wanting to make some offers at the end of the day – that is easy to do. Or a dentist wanting to fill a cancellation, or a man and van with a couple of hours to spare.

We’re adding new categories of service all the time. Get in touch with us if you’ve got ideas for new categories!

How can I advertise on Graftr?

Simple - simply click on 'Create a New Advert' or click on Register and then fill out your profile. You can chose as many trades as you like.

How do I deactivate an advert?

Simply log back in and click on the deactivate tab in the list of your ads. The advert will stop showing automatically after your allocated time.

How are you promoting Graftr?

We are promoting Graftr through a series of local launches, PR, flyers, events and online advertising.


What's different about Graftr?

Graftr is designed to help you find people, goods and services by proximity and by availability. No more ringing around from the phone book looking for that elusive plumber who can help you right now! You can now see exactly who is available today and where they are.

You can also get a bargain by searching for last minute availability or daily offers in your area. Look for florists at the end of the day selling off excess stock. Or find all the happy hours within a mile of you right now!

What categories are available?

To start with we have chosen lots of useful categories for you to use from our home page. But soon we will open up the site to include every type of goods, services and products, as entered by our business community. Feel free to contact us with ideas for new categories.

What about recommendations, ratings and referrals?

All our advertisers are encouraged to link to their business websites or Facebook pages so that you know more about them. We do our best to moderate the adverts, but take all necessary precautions when meeting someone for the first time. We welcome feedback on your experience of using Graftr businesses and will bar all advertisers who fail to provide excellent service. Contact us at


Who is behind Graftr?

A small team of London based entrepreneurs, Mark Riley, Jonathan Upton and George Richmond, with plenty of love for small businesses. We love building cool, new stuff and helping small businesses along the way.

What are your plans?

We are keen to roll it out across the UK and across all business categories. It will also be available to broadcast offers. We are keen to test it overseas too.

Graftr is an ‘availability engine’ – what’s that?

An ‘availability engine’ is a new term that we have come up with. It’s a cross between a business directory like Yell and a search engine like Google. It allows you to search not just for a business but a business that is available.

How do volunteers use it? What is micro-volunteering?

Anyone with time to spare can be good neighbours by volunteering. Simply create a new advert, say where you are and your availability and what help you can offer. Micro-volunteering is the new word for offering small amounts of you time for local volunteering – half an hour is fine. Be available to help elderly neighbours or local charities, around your busy schedule.

Press Enquiries

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