Wok Way Glasgow


Like fast food? Who doesn’t? Too much of it is perhaps not such a good idea, unless you go the way of the wok, that is! Wok Way, situated on the iconic Sauchiehall St, Glasgow, is definitely the way to go if you want great taste, convenience and goodness and you’re in a hurry. If you’ve got time on your hands, then dine-in and soak up the great atmosphere and smells of the wok cooking in the background. Whether you're eating in or eating on the go,enjoy watching your meal cooked before your very eyes, by expert wok chefs!

Fast food prepared the Wok Way is good food, and they are incredibly good at what they do! Wok Way are experts in the art of wok cooking, preparing nutritious fast food, cooked to perfection while you watch. Next time someone tells you fast food means ‘bad for you food’, tell them to think again, by thinking the Wok Way. They certainly know their art, conjuring up a delicious wok cooked meal chosen by you, from their simple three step ordering system.

Catering for all dietary requirements (non-veg, veg, gluten intolerant), pop by for a lunch, takeaway, or evening bite to eat. Wok Way only cook with the freshest ingredients prepared in the moment, while you wait!

From egg noodles, to udon, to jasmine rice; from chicken breast to king prawn to tofu; from black bean sauce, to peanut sauce, to hot sauce; the choices are almost as limitless as your imagination! Complete your order with a delicious range of toppings and sides, and hey presto: enjoy your meal!

Visit their web link to discover the full range of ingredients. Better still, seeing, or rather, tasting, is believing! Make your way to Wok Way today, enjoy a mouth-watering wok fried meal, cooked to perfection in two shakes of a wok!