Social Bite is a growing chain of sandwich shops, serving freshly prepared food (designed by award winning Michelin star chef, Mike Mathieson). Probably rivaling many well-known high street brands, choosing Social Bite as your refuelling station comes with a unique and selfless benefit; for you’ll be feeding your body as well as your conscience!

Founded by Josh and Alice after selling up a successful events company, they invested all their energy and focus into creating a sandwich shop where 100% of profits go to good causes, in both the local and wider community. Social Bite exists solely as a benefactor for social causes; from fully supporting the homeless, to international refugee projects, women’s projects, etc. Not simply paying lip service to supporting good causes, they quite literally put their money where their mouth is – every penny of it! It’s also heart-warming to know that around a quarter of Social Bite staff were once homeless on the street, were it not for Social Bite's wonderfully altruistic vision.

For outstanding quality food at competitive prices, a pit stop at Social Bite is a must. Stop by today and nourish your body and your conscience at one and the same time! With two shops in Glasgow, two in Edinburgh and one in Aberdeen, Social Bite’s vision is to have enough shops to be able to generate millions every year for such good causes - and they're well on the road to turning that into a reality.

What’s on the menu?

Social Bite prepare a fantastic range of hot and cold food every day, offering a wide range of high quality, delicious options to tantalise your taste buds, at prices that are certainly kind to your pocket!

Sandwiches & baguettes



Range of delicious hot food options, such as Jamaican Chicken, Posh pies & mash, Thai veg curry, etc

Organic coffee, and other drinks.

Discover more about the story and vision behind Social Bite, click on the web link and read all about it. Better still, stop by and one of their branches for a quick bite, or something more hearty – and know you’ll really be doing your bit at the same time!