Why list your business?

Whether you sell your stock or your time - there’s always wastage - like last minute cancellations or stock that goes bad after a certain period of time if you don’t sell it. Graftr is there to help you fill those cancellations or shift that stock.

Join thousands of businesses like yours
Graftr lists more than 5,000 business just like yours, from all over the UK!

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    We get most of our leads through word of mouth, but Graftr is a 'no brainer' for us - it's the best of both worlds. Easy to use, Free advertising all the time - and the option to pay to get more leads if we need them.

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    James Cracknell, U.K. Electrical and Building Service

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    I love how you can reach your clients with the status update - all tradespeople have quiet periods and cancellations to fill - Graftr helps us with that.

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    Anderson Transport

Saving you money

Most classifieds sites charge you a fortune regardless of whether your profile brings you any business or not.

On Graftr - your standard profile is completely free.

Graftr only charges you for advertising your hot deals or your availability. You have some time to spare or some stock on special offer, and you'd like to tell the world. You can do that via a Graftr status update.

We charge £3 for a status update which can be live for upto 12 hours - so you only pay when you need extra work or to sell some slow- moving stock.

Save money on advertising when you already have enough customers.

How does it work?

Find new customers when you need them quickly, cheaply and simply with a Graftr status update!

There’s no contract to sign - you can delete your profile any time, although we don’t think you will - and neither do businesses like yours!

What do I do now?

If you’re convinced, sign up here - it takes 2 minutes - you literally have nothing to lose except wasted time or stock that’s just going to spoil.

List my business & boost my revenue

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